Day 25

Let it provoke, console,

disconcert,  shield,

disarm, undo, unsettle,

appeal, deny, defend,

conceal,  shame,  encourage,

heal,  take on the shape

of truth,  ring loud,

unbalance, reflect,

reveal,  drown,  deafen

Hold onto silence

Day 13

The window is open

we wave at each other

the screen pixelates a little

you in one corner me, in another

slightly unfamiliar

you show me round the house,

we walk carefully upstairs, see where everyone sleeps

come back down, I get a close-up of the carpet, the living room, the kitchen

moving steadily, until you forget, swing round too fast

the image blurs


we chat a while

the children  play on the floor beside you,

they clamber onto your lap, hide treasure

 behind the sofa, crawl, tumble over each other like puppies

 look directly at me, blow kisses

half a world away, I can almost touch them

Day 12

This window

Is open


I can see into your house, see into your room

I can watch you moving around

curtains undrawn,  light shade dangling

TV screen illuminated, sofa-cushions, flowers,

As i walk past

I can see into your house, see into your room

I can watch you moving around


I can see into your room, see into your life,

 I can watch you moving around

talk on the big screen, speak to the camera,

deliver your lines,

living out your fiction, always pre-recorded,

the world follows your stories

I can see into your life


I can see into your house,

Thank you for inviting me

Day 9

So if I put it in the Cloud it will be safe, right?

It can’t get lost?

And I will always be able to find it?


Do I need a password?

What if I can’t remember it?

 What if the Cloud gets full?

Will it start raining words?


Where do they go

when I close the document?

Do they still exist?

Are they broken down into atoms,

dust swirling round in the sky, waiting

to be reassembled?


What if they are in the wrong order when they come back? 

 How will I know which words are mine?

What if I get someone else’s instead?


And when I go to get mine back, hear a voice, Hey, you, get off my cloud?